LSWorks Companies

Here are some examples of our successful investments in the biotech, medical devices and life science services spaces.

Oncoceutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company with a novel class of compounds called imipridones that selectively induce cell death in cancer cells. The company's lead compound is ONC201, an orally active small molecule DRD2 antagonist and ClpP agonist in late-stage clinical development for H3 K27M-mutant glioma with additional indications under clinical investigation. ONC206 is the second clinical-stage imipridone that is under clinical investigation for central nervous system tumors. LSWorks founder Lee Schalop was co-founder, board member and served as Chief Business Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer until the sale of the company to Chimerix, Inc. (NASDAQ-CMRX) in January 2021. Dr. Schalop also negotiated the exclusive rights to commercialize ONC201 from Pennsylvania State University; devised a marketing plan to identify a strategic partner from major U.S. and global pharmaceutical companies; created documents for fund raising; and oversaw the legal work that developed key business documents, including corporate formation, capital raising and staffing.

ImmunoGenes AG is an antibody production company that has commercialized a unique technology – developed by two professors at Hungarian universities in the course of their academic research – to produce higher quality and quantity antibodies using transgenic animals. LSWorks founder Lee Schalop served as a board member and Head of Business Development since shortly after the company’s founding and was instrumental in transforming ImmunoGenes into a commercial-stage enterprise.  He devised the company’s commercialization plan; executed a sales plan to license the technology to major U.S. and global producers of antibodies; put in place proper financial systems, including budgeting and projections; worked with the founding scientists to arrange a series of regular scientific publications to increase visibility; and oversaw the legal work that developed key business documents, including those necessary for patent issuance, capital raising and licensing.