LSWorks Companies

Here are some examples of our successful investments in the biotech, medical devices and life science services spaces.

ImmunoGenes AG is an antibody production company that has commercialized a unique technology – developed by two professors at Hungarian universities in the course of their academic research – to produce higher quality and quantity antibodies using transgenic animals. LSWorks founder Lee Schalop has served as a board member and Head of Business Development since shortly after the company’s founding and has been instrumental in transforming ImmunoGenes into a commercial-stage enterprise.  Schalop devised the company’s commercialization plan; executed a sales plan to license the technology to major U.S. and global producers of antibodies; put in place proper financial systems, including budgeting and projections; worked with the founding scientists to arrange a series of regular scientific publications to increase visibility; and oversaw the legal work that developed key business documents, including those necessary for patent issuance, capital raising and licensing.

Oncoceutics Inc. is a drug discovery and development company focused on commercializing the drug development work of well-known oncologist Wafik El-Deiry.   The company currently has a number of groundbreaking therapies under investigation, including several small molecule compounds to restore or bypass mutations in p53, the most frequently mutated protein in human cancers. As part of its development activity into molecules with activity against p53-deficient cancers, the company also investigates Tumor Necrosis Factor-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligands (TRAIL) and has identified one lead compound in this area. This compound has been described to elicit compelling antitumor activity in a series of cancers and resulted in a $1.3 million grant to Oncoceutics from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The grant will be used to complete the preclinical and regulatory components of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA, and conduct the first-in-man Phase I clinical trial to determine safety, optimal dose, pharmacokinetics and preliminary evidence of efficacy in humans.  LSWorks founder Lee Schalop is a co-founder, board member and has served as Chief Business Officer since the company’s founding. He negotiated the exclusive rights to commercialize the IP developed by Dr. El-Deiry while a professor at the Pennsylvania State University; devised a marketing plan to identify a strategic partner from major U.S. and global pharmaceutical companies; created documents for fund raising; and oversaw the legal work that developed key business documents, including corporate formation, capital raising and staffing.